Buy Emeralds Now for a Perfectly Balanced Life

Gemstone jewelry is popular among the masses for numerous reasons. Apart from its look and appeal, it also provides various astrological benefits. However, due to its expensive nature, this type of jewelry was popular among the people of high authority. Today, due to the easily availability, anyone can afford gemstones to reduce any issues related to astrology. These gemstones are used to bring good luck in the life of the wearer and benefit them in every sphere.

For maximum results, you should always consider wearing only the natural gemstones, as they are known to provide maximum results. You can buy a gemstone according to the position of your stars. Total nine gemstones are available in different colors and provide different benefits. Before wearing the gemstone, it is important to know its significance first. If you are asked to wear Emerald, this post will help you understand the numerous benefits of this beautiful gemstone.

Benefits of Emerald

  • Emerald brings good health and improves medical condition
  • People belonging to mercury planet wear it to increase their wealth and property
  • It is also known to improve memory
  • Prevents from diseases
  • Generally suggested for businessmen, writers and also publishers
  • Helps in combatting depression or insomnia in a person

Different types of gemstones offer different advantages that prove to be helpful for almost every individual. If you are looking for a suitable gemstone suggested by any astrologer, then do consider a jeweller that provides high quality and certified astrological gems. Wearing a gemstone may help you attain success and well-being. To get maximum benefit, make sure to check the authenticity of the gemstone before buying it. Check whether the provider provides a certificate of authentication with the gemstone.

Eyes that Scare Ketu: Why Buy Cats Eye Gemstones?

Cat’s eye gemstones, with a yellow colored light passing through the center, are ideal for any piece of jewelry, but there is more to these marvels than their distinctly elegant radiance. The cat’s eye gemstone is one of the most revered stones in the astrological realm, and to buy cat’s eye is said to provide protection against the wrath of the demonic force of Ketu. Legend has it that the preserver God Vishnu, in his Mohini avatar, spotted the demon Rahu dressed in the attire of the Gods and trying to have a sip of the nectar of immortality. He then chopped off Rahu’s head, but the demon had already had a sip of the nectar. So, Lord Vishnu banished both the pieces of Rahu, now alive as two separate demons – Rahu and Ketu. It is believed that cat’s eye gemstone nullifies the beheaded body’s ill effects.

Key Reasons to Buy Cat’s Eye Gemstone

Before you a cat’s eye gemstone, it is important to know the purposes it serves. This gemstone is believed to provide:

• Material well-being and happiness
• Enhanced intellectual abilities
• Wisdom and strength of character.
• Physical fitness.
• Introspective abilities: a person becomes much more conscious with his/her soul
• Protection from accidents, injuries and attacks of evil spirits

4.09 ct cats eye-225x250

Identifying a Quality Cat’s Eye

• Smooth surface.
• Chatoyance or the strength of the undulating white light that passes through the center, also known as Cast’s eye effect.
• Greater weight
• Straightness of central light.

Although predominantly found in the colors of black, honey, and yellowish-green, nowadays, different colors of cat stones are available. Primarily found in India, Sri Lanka, Burma, Tanzania, Brazil and Russia, these stones should be worn in a bracelet or a ring for maximum effects. The people who have worn it can swear by the marked changes they have seen after wearing the stone.

If you too are looking to buy Cat’s eye, all you need to do is search the web to find a reliable online seller offering genuine gemstones at reasonable prices.

Negate the Ill-effects of Rahu with Hessonite Gemstone

Hessonite is a precious gemstone primarily found in India, Sri Lanka, East Africa, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and Tanzania. As per Indian astrological and gemological texts, the gemstone represents the planet Rahu. The planet Rahu has Karmic influences; during the period when Rahu is operating, individuals get results on the basis of their Karma. To negate the negative effects and turn them into positive ones, astrologists and gemologists suggest wearing Hessonite gemstone. If worn in a ring or as a pendant, Hessonite is believed to have powerful influences. For this reason, large numbers of people ensure hessonite buy from prominent gemstone e-stores.

Hessonite gemstone is found in different color shades, including reddish color, orange and brown. Let us discuss some of the general properties of the gemstone.

Planet: Rahu

Sign: Aquaris

Element: Ether

Cosmic Color: Ultraviolet

Favorite Color: Blue, Black, Cola

Day: Saturday

Time: Sunset

The Nature of Rahu

The planet Rahu relates to fruitless wanderings, fights, epilepsy and insanity. According to Indian mythology, the ill-effects of the planet can be largely reduced by wearing Hessonite. But it is crucial to consult a prominent astrologist who can suggest the exact date and time to wear the gemstone. Additionally, they will recommend the kind of jewelry to wear, like you can wear hessonite in the form of pendant or ring.

Buy Hessonite from a Reliable Store

To ensure pure and authentic hessonite gemstone purchase, it is advisable to choose a credible online store and explore the various types of hessonite gemstone available. You can even order customized hessonite gemstone. If you have any confusion, you can contact the representatives of the website. Once you have made your pick, you can pay for the gemstone online and get it delivered to your doorstep within a matter of days.

Blue sapphire Neelam Gemstone for Saturn

Saturn and Its Gemstone Blue Sapphire

Saturn is given the post of an attendant in the solar system. According to Linga Puran, Saturn is born from the exuberant light mass of the lord Rudra and according to Markendaya Purana , Saturn was born to Chhaya-the wife of the sun. Its speed is very slow that is why he is called ‘Shaneshchar’ which means a slow mover. In Indian astrology, Saturn is considered to be a malefic amongst the malefic but its last effect is happy. Throwing man into misfortunes and calamities, the Saturn ultimately saves the man. He is regarded the strongest of all planets. Saturn rules the owners of the zodiacal signs Capricorn and Aquarius. Blue Sapphire is the gemstone of Saturn.

Blue sapphire is found in blue, sky, blue, pink and brinjal colours.

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Blue Sapphire – Neelam (for Saturn):

Neelam removes evil effects of Saturn. It is said that this stone has the magical power to elevate its user to a higher status from all sides. Some astrologers believe that Blue Sapphire or Neelam is so powerful if used properly that it can alleviate even long-term misfortune. However there is a caution. Sometimes this stone may react adversely. It is advisable to first test it for a week before final wearing. It could give you everything you could desire – health, wealth, longevity, happiness. It also restores lost wealth and property.
This is normally faint or dark blue in colour. Sapphire or Neelam is a very cold gem.It brings wealth, name and fame. Also gives good stamina, longevity and security in life. Can improve fertility in a barren woman. Best suited for joy, love and happiness.

Blue sapphire is a compound of aluminium and oxygen. Due to slight mixture with cobalt it becomes blue. Blue sapphire found in Ceylon is the best, deep light coloured and transparent. Blue sapphire of deep colour and transparence is found in Thailand as well.

It should be used on 2nd finger of right hand in Silver or White gold.

Identification of Blue Sapphire

Natural sapphires carry within them clear signs of slow crystallization. Some of the external elements sometimes remains preserved in the gem which helps its identification. Like all other precious gems it should have inclusions which should be visible to the naked eye or under magnification. Otherwise, it is a piece of glass or a synthetic substance.

The inclusions are generally like ‘feathers’ or are like finger print impressions. Liquid inclusions looking like lace are also sometimes visible.

Synthetic sapphires are very common in the market and many traders in order to earn fast money sell them as originals. These are very clear and under magnification show bubble like inclusions. Sometimes feather like inclusions have also seen but they shine abnormally under light.

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Yellow sapphire Pukhraj Gemstone for Jupiter

Jupiter and Its Gemstone Natural Yellow Sapphire

Jupiter is the largest and heaviest planet in the solar system and the teacher (Guru) of Gods; Jupiter is given the ministership among the assembly of nine planets. The Jupiter is a sattvik and benefitting planet, significator of luck and fortune. The colour of the Jupiter is yellow. Thursday is his days and northeast is his direction. The gemstone related to Jupiter is-the yellow sapphire which is most beneficial to the natives of the Sagittarius and Pisces signs of the zodiac.

Yellow sapphire is a mineral. After analyzing chemically it is proved that aluminium, hydrovisil and florin are present in it. It is found in the Himalayas, Ceylon and Russia. It is weighty, smooth, transparent, and found in many colours – white, light and deep yellow and light orange.

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Yellow Sapphire-Pushkaraj (for Jupiter):This is one of the most widely used gems to help achieve better financial status. The wearer may expect wealth, good health, name, honour and fame if the Gem suits him or her.

It is also believed that if there are obstructions in finding a suitable match for a girl, she gets married early by wearing a Yellow Sapphire. This is normally light yellow in colour. It improves vision, gives life security, protects ones from poverty, removes adversity, misfortune and melancholy.

The yellow sapphire is regarded as the best of gems in the same way as Brihaspati is the teacher of gods. Brihaspati (Jupiter) represents wisdom, religion in human life. Therefore it is such a gem which is worthy to be worn by all.

The girls in the family who have reached the age of marriage should wear the yellow sapphire because it removes the delay in their way of marriage. However a spouse (husband or wife) should wear for a happier conjugal life. It helps to pacify the anger of its wearer by providing sharp sightedness. It strengthens the bondage of friendship. It shows its influence by removing the danger of accidental death.

Sapphire should be worn in gold, on 1st finger of right hand on Thursday.


Sapphires are simply crystallized alumina (Al2O3) and in their pure form are devoid of colour. Sapphires are found in various colours which include pink, blue, green, yellow, orange and white. In India, Yellow Sapphire is known as Pukhraj and Blue Sapphire is known as Neelam. It has a specific gravity of 3.99, mean refractive index (RI) 1.765 and Hardness of 9 on the Moh’s scale.


Sapphires are found in India, Sri Lanka,Thailand, Australia,Etc. In India, Sapphires are found in Jammu. These are considered to be the best in the world.


Natural Sapphires carry within them clear signs of slow crystallization. Some of the external elements sometimes remain preserved in the Gem which helps its identification. Like all other precious gems it should have inclusions which should be visible to the naked eye or under magnification. Otherwise, it is a piece of glass or a synthetic substance.

The inclusions are generally like ‘feathers’ or are like finger print impressions. Liquid inclusions looking like lace are also sometimes visible. Synthetic Sapphires are very common in the market and many traders in order to earn fast money sell them as originals. These are very clear and under magnification show bubble like inclusions. Sometimes feather like inclusions have also seen but they shine abnormally under light.

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Buy Yellow Sapphire for Immense Good Luck and Health

Buy Yellow Sapphire for Immense Good Luck and Health

2.85 ct yellow new-700x85062.06 ct yellow 91-700x85018.44 ct yellow 91-700x850

According to Vedic Literature, Yellow Sapphire is the as trological gemstone of Brihaspati Graha (Jupiter), which is known to bestow the wearer and their family with health and good luck. The people have worn semi-precious stones for years to ward off bad luck and invite success and positivity in their lives. Sapphire is the second hardest gemstone after diamond. Here’s what you require to keep in mind while buying yellow sapphire

The Tone and Hue

Yellow sapphires can be deep yellow or a little light in color. By value, pure yellow ranks the highest and is also the most expensive.


A lot of buyers often overlook the transparency of the stones while buying; however, the transparent a stone, the better it will look while wearing. Fully transparent or semitransparent stones are the most expensive because they allow most light to pass through, which enhances their appearance.

The Origin

The cost of a sapphire depends on where it was mined. Sapphires coming from places like Kashmir, Ceylon and Burma are often most expensive because the quality of sapphires from these mines is high.

Yellow sapphire is the birthstone of people born in September. Consider buying it as a birthday or anniversary gift and bring good luck, prosperity and richness in the life of your dear ones.

Everything you need to Know While Buying Hessonite

  Everything you need to Know While Buying Hessonite

3.09 ct gom 2-700x8502.60ct gom-700x8502.15 ct gom-700x850

Hessonite has earned its nickname as Cinnamon Stone because of its orange-brown colour. It belongs to the grossularite garnet group. The stone has a special place in Vedic astrological tradition, which makes it extremely important in the astrological world. Here are a few features that can help you identify the real Hessonite.


  • The stone should be transparent
  • Colour of the stone should be similar to the colour of cow urine
  • Uniform colour
  • High specific gravity

Identification Test


Medium dark orange, brown orange or some variation to these tones is best colour for Hessonite. The stone gets its best colour from the mineral manganese or the outline part of iron.


Hessonite gemstones are mostly available in round or oval shape. Some Hessonite gemstones can also be cut and faceted to square and rectangle shapes. You can wear this stone in silver rings and necklaces.


Hessonite gemstone measuring 2 to 5 carat has higher demand in the market because most astrologers recommend buying 2 to 5 carat gemstone because this weight is considered best for therapeutic use.


One of the most common ways to check the authenticity of this gemstone is the ‘heat wave,’ or ‘scotch in water’ effect that this gemstone displays.

The best quality Hessonite deposits are in Sri Lanka; however, it is also mined in Brazil, India, Canada, Madagascar and the United States.