Kashmir-Burma Blue Sapphire

Kashmir Blue Sapphire

Remotely hidden in the lap of the spectacular snow-capped Himalayas is the highest sapphire mine in the world.  However it’s not the location that has earned the Kashmir gem it’s legendary status, but instead the superiority of their intense soft blue and the colorfully woven history of their existence and disappearance in the early 1900’s.

Originally in the late 1800’s, the deposit which lies at 15,000 feet elevation produced a quantity of material that flooded the market for nearly a decade. Most people, even today, do not realize that when dealing with colored stones, the supply is limited to the small number of pockets that can be located deep within the earth’s crust. These pockets of gemstones are nothing like the quantity of diamonds that exist in the world’s kimberlite volcanic dikes. The London Mining Journal of June 16, 2000 reported the annual production of diamond to be more than 111 million carats. In November of 1999 Geology Today reported the 1000 mines in Mogok, Burma produced some 300,000 carats of sapphire annually. These mines have produced relatively consistent amount of gemstone for decades, where as the single mine of Kashmir has remained officially unworked since the 1930’s. It wasn’t until 1998 that the Jammu & Kashmir government began mining again and has reported less than 10,000 carats of total production since 1999 from which less than a fraction of a percentage is “gem” quality.

Although these statistics are crude and many other factors could give support when making a comparison of gemstone production, it is not unsubstantiated to suggest the production of sapphire makes up less than 3/10 of 1% of the diamond production and Kashmir sapphire would therefore make up less than 1% of this 1%. We say the Kashmir gem is almost as rare as chicken’s teeth.

Having said this, we hope you gain some idea as to the significance of Kashmir sapphire and it’s true rarity and value. We hope you will continue your research and come to the same conclusion thus adding to your knowledge and collection of this world’s finest gemstone

Blue Sapphire Benefits

Blue Sapphire Benefits

  • Blue Sapphire helps you extract the maximum out of every favorable situation. It sends fortune, luck and auspicious situations to your way.
  • It is extremely beneficial for business and trade. If Blue Sapphire suits you, then it will shower riches and prosperity in your life.
  • Businesses dealing in Oils, fuel, paint, iron, tools etc. receive the maximum astrological benefits of Blue sapphire.
  • It ensures the overall health and strength of the knees, legs and hair of its wearer.
  • Saturn (shani) is known as ‘Nyaayadheesh’ or the ‘Lord of Justice’ in Hindu mythology. Therefore, Blue Sapphire is very beneficial for people who are lawyers, judges or hold important decision-making positions.
  • Blue Sapphire helps reduce the malefic effects of Saturn (Shani) in one’s horoscope.

Blue Sapphire- Neelam

Blue Sapphire (called ‘Neelam‘ in hindi) is a blue-colored precious gemstone and is considered the most powerful stone of all.

Who Should Wear a Blue Sapphire?

It is the birthstone for Virgo sunsign (23 Aug-23 Sep). According to Vedic Astrology, Neelam is the rashi ratna for Capricorn (Makar) and Aquarius (Kumbh). Blue Sapphire strengthens Saturn (Shani) and hence helps gain prosperity in business, wealth, sharpness of the mind and self-confidence. Ascendants of Taurus, Libra, Gemini and Virgo can also wear the Blue Sapphire gemstone.

Which Blue Sapphire Stone Should I Buy?

  • Ideally, purchase a Blue Sapphire gemstone weighing at least 1/12th carats of your body weight (50 kg body weight = 4 carat stone)
  • The stone should preferably have high clarity, mid-to-dark blue color, and no chemical treatments.
  • Normally, Unheated Ceylon Blue Sapphires are considered the best Blue Sapphires for astrology.

Blue sapphire Neelam Gemstone for Saturn

Saturn and Its Gemstone Blue Sapphire

Saturn is given the post of an attendant in the solar system. According to Linga Puran, Saturn is born from the exuberant light mass of the lord Rudra and according to Markendaya Purana , Saturn was born to Chhaya-the wife of the sun. Its speed is very slow that is why he is called ‘Shaneshchar’ which means a slow mover. In Indian astrology, Saturn is considered to be a malefic amongst the malefic but its last effect is happy. Throwing man into misfortunes and calamities, the Saturn ultimately saves the man. He is regarded the strongest of all planets. Saturn rules the owners of the zodiacal signs Capricorn and Aquarius. Blue Sapphire is the gemstone of Saturn.

Blue sapphire is found in blue, sky, blue, pink and brinjal colours.

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Blue Sapphire – Neelam (for Saturn):

Neelam removes evil effects of Saturn. It is said that this stone has the magical power to elevate its user to a higher status from all sides. Some astrologers believe that Blue Sapphire or Neelam is so powerful if used properly that it can alleviate even long-term misfortune. However there is a caution. Sometimes this stone may react adversely. It is advisable to first test it for a week before final wearing. It could give you everything you could desire – health, wealth, longevity, happiness. It also restores lost wealth and property.
This is normally faint or dark blue in colour. Sapphire or Neelam is a very cold gem.It brings wealth, name and fame. Also gives good stamina, longevity and security in life. Can improve fertility in a barren woman. Best suited for joy, love and happiness.

Blue sapphire is a compound of aluminium and oxygen. Due to slight mixture with cobalt it becomes blue. Blue sapphire found in Ceylon is the best, deep light coloured and transparent. Blue sapphire of deep colour and transparence is found in Thailand as well.

It should be used on 2nd finger of right hand in Silver or White gold.

Identification of Blue Sapphire

Natural sapphires carry within them clear signs of slow crystallization. Some of the external elements sometimes remains preserved in the gem which helps its identification. Like all other precious gems it should have inclusions which should be visible to the naked eye or under magnification. Otherwise, it is a piece of glass or a synthetic substance.

The inclusions are generally like ‘feathers’ or are like finger print impressions. Liquid inclusions looking like lace are also sometimes visible.

Synthetic sapphires are very common in the market and many traders in order to earn fast money sell them as originals. These are very clear and under magnification show bubble like inclusions. Sometimes feather like inclusions have also seen but they shine abnormally under light.

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