Everything you need to Know While Buying Hessonite

  Everything you need to Know While Buying Hessonite

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Hessonite has earned its nickname as Cinnamon Stone because of its orange-brown colour. It belongs to the grossularite garnet group. The stone has a special place in Vedic astrological tradition, which makes it extremely important in the astrological world. Here are a few features that can help you identify the real Hessonite.


  • The stone should be transparent
  • Colour of the stone should be similar to the colour of cow urine
  • Uniform colour
  • High specific gravity

Identification Test


Medium dark orange, brown orange or some variation to these tones is best colour for Hessonite. The stone gets its best colour from the mineral manganese or the outline part of iron.


Hessonite gemstones are mostly available in round or oval shape. Some Hessonite gemstones can also be cut and faceted to square and rectangle shapes. You can wear this stone in silver rings and necklaces.


Hessonite gemstone measuring 2 to 5 carat has higher demand in the market because most astrologers recommend buying 2 to 5 carat gemstone because this weight is considered best for therapeutic use.


One of the most common ways to check the authenticity of this gemstone is the ‘heat wave,’ or ‘scotch in water’ effect that this gemstone displays.

The best quality Hessonite deposits are in Sri Lanka; however, it is also mined in Brazil, India, Canada, Madagascar and the United States.

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