Hessonite is a precious gemstone primarily found in India, Sri Lanka, East Africa, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and Tanzania. As per Indian astrological and gemological texts, the gemstone represents the planet Rahu. The planet Rahu has Karmic influences; during the period when Rahu is operating, individuals get results on the basis of their Karma. To negate the negative effects and turn them into positive ones, astrologists and gemologists suggest wearing Hessonite gemstone. If worn in a ring or as a pendant, Hessonite is believed to have powerful influences. For this reason, large numbers of people ensure hessonite buy from prominent gemstone e-stores.

Hessonite gemstone is found in different color shades, including reddish color, orange and brown. Let us discuss some of the general properties of the gemstone.


Sign: Aquaris

Element: Ether

Cosmic Color: Ultraviolet

Favorite Color: Blue, Black, Cola

Day: Saturday

Time: Sunset

The Nature of Rahu

The planet Rahu relates to fruitless wanderings, fights, epilepsy and insanity. According to Indian mythology, the ill-effects of the planet can be largely reduced by wearing Hessonite. But it is crucial to consult a prominent astrologist who can suggest the exact date and time to wear the gemstone. Additionally, they will recommend the kind of jewelry to wear, like you can wear hessonite in the form of pendant or ring.

Buy Hessonite from a Reliable Store

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