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Returns/Buy Back/Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

We do not have cancellation policy Applicable only Below refund and Buy Back is Policy Applicable

15 Days Return Policy**

Pls Note Actual product colour as per photo displayed may vary as per computer screen resolution

We have a very clear returns policy for the actual amount received by us for Gemstones. Our inspection period is 15 days, starting with the day you have received the stone. If by any chance u find our product is not matching to what it is shown and describe then return it and we will refund your payment. It is that simple! No exceptions. No discussions. No delays. There is no re-enlisting or re-stocking fee. The only condition is that the item must be returned unchanged, undamaged and including the complete packaging, documentation, certificates, free gifts, etc. Shipping charges(International shipping 20$ and Domestic India shipping Rs 200), payment gateway processing fees (5% in case of online payment includes shipping charges ,customs clerance and packaging fees) are not refundable in all cases..


Since we carry the major cost (and the work) of a return, it is in our foremost business interest not to show or present any stone better than it actually is. A returned stone is bad news for us. Therefore we do everything to ensure that what you see is what you get. At the end of the day, every return raises our cost, which is in nobody's interest.


All good/products confirmed as recieved in satisfactory condition by buyer,and in future if buyer wants to return stone for any reason anytime we buy them back with 75% purchased value credit to buy replacment/new stone or 70% Cash Back


Kindly contact us by email or phone for return instructions or if you have any questions regarding our returns policy.

**Gemstone Once Set In a Ring/Pendant/Jewellery Cannot Be Return Under 15 days return policy, We Can Only Replace It As Per Our Buy Back Policy..

Lifetime Buy-Back Policybuy-back sell gemstones which are 100% genuine & natural which are precious and always have value as the natural resources are limited and as they are depleted, your gemstone becomes rare. Therefore at Venusjewellers we buy-back our gemstones at their actual price throughout your lifetime under the following conditions:

 Gemstone Price              Buy Back against Cash     Buy Back against new gemstone
Below Rs 5000/carat                 No Buy Back                           No Buy Back
Above Rs 5000/carat               70% of selling price                  75% of selling price


Terms & Conditions:

• Customers must return the gemstone With Original Bill Or Bill Soft Copy & its certificate to avail buy back facility.

• Gemstones must remain in the same condition as when sold. Any scratches or damages would attract reduction in the buy back percentage at the sole discretion of Venusjewellers.

• Buy-Back value will be calculated on the actual value of the stone, excluding all other additional charges such as shipping fee and payment gateway fee.

• This Buy-Back Policy is only applicaple for Stones Purchased from only

• We buy back only loose gemstones (Studded gemstones must be removed from jewelry).

• Pls Note Water Borne Gems Like Pearl & Red Coral Do Not Come Under Any Kind Of Exchange Or Buy Back Policy.

. Any ongoing Festival offers ,Discounts are not valid on Returns and Buy back scheme,Normal Price will apply