Cat’s eye gemstones, with a yellow colored light passing through the center, are ideal for any piece of jewelry, but there is more to these marvels than their distinctly elegant radiance. The cat’s eye gemstone is one of the most revered stones in the astrological realm, and to buy cat’s eye is said to provide protection against the wrath of the demonic force of Ketu. Legend has it that the preserver God Vishnu, in his Mohini avatar, spotted the demon Rahu dressed in the attire of the Gods and trying to have a sip of the nectar of immortality. He then chopped off Rahu’s head, but the demon had already had a sip of the nectar. So, Lord Vishnu banished both the pieces of Rahu, now alive as two separate demons – Rahu and Ketu. It is believed that cat’s eye gemstone nullifies the beheaded body’s ill effects.

Key Reasons to Buy Cat’s Eye Gemstone

Before you a cat’s eye gemstone, it is important to know the purposes it serves. This gemstone is believed to provide:

• Material well-being and happiness
• Enhanced intellectual abilities
• Wisdom and strength of character.
• Physical fitness.
• Introspective abilities: a person becomes much more conscious with his/her soul
• Protection from accidents, injuries and attacks of evil spirits

4.09 ct cats eye-225x250

Identifying a Quality Cat’s Eye

• Smooth surface.
• Chatoyance or the strength of the undulating white light that passes through the center, also known as Cast’s eye effect.
• Greater weight
• Straightness of central light.

Although predominantly found in the colors of black, honey, and yellowish-green, nowadays, different colors of cat stones are available. Primarily found in India, Sri Lanka, Burma, Tanzania, Brazil and Russia, these stones should be worn in a bracelet or a ring for maximum effects. The people who have worn it can swear by the marked changes they have seen after wearing the stone.

If you too are looking to buy Cat’s eye, all you need to do is search the web to find a reliable online seller offering genuine gemstones at reasonable prices.