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30 Oct Buy Emeralds Now for a Perfectly Balanced Life
jain sandeep 0 18007
Gemstone jewelry is popular among the masses for numerous reasons. Apart from its look and appeal, it also provides various astrological benefits. How..
30 Oct Huge Rare Of Rarest Big Yellow Sapphire
jain sandeep 0 1436
Venusjewellers Is proud To Owned the Rarest Of Rare Yellow Sapphire Big and huge Yellow SapphirePls click here for detailsHuge 62.06 Ct GII Certified ..
30 Oct Eyes that Scare Ketu: Why Buy Cats Eye Gemstones?
jain sandeep 0 1343
Cat’s eye gemstones, with a yellow colored light passing through the center, are ideal for any piece of jewelry, but there is more to these marvels th..
30 Oct Buy Yellow Sapphire for Immense Good Luck and Health
jain sandeep 0 836
According to Vedic Literature, Yellow Sapphire is the as trological gemstone of Brihaspati Graha (Jupiter), which is known to bestow the wearer and th..
30 Oct Everything you need to Know While Buying Hessonite
jain sandeep 0 511
Hessonite has earned its nickname as Cinnamon Stone because of its orange-brown colour. It belongs to the grossularite garnet group. The stone has a s..
30 Sep Yellow sapphire Pukhraj Gemstone for Jupiter
jain sandeep 0 1222
Jupiter and Its Gemstone Natural Yellow SapphireJupiter is the largest and heaviest planet in the solar system and the teacher (Guru) of Gods; Jupiter..
30 Aug Blue sapphire Neelam Gemstone for Saturn
jain sandeep 0 2574
Saturn and Its Gemstone Blue SapphireSaturn is given the post of an attendant in the solar system. According to Linga Puran, Saturn is born from the e..
30 Jul Negative the Ill-effects of Rahu with Hessonite Gemstone
jain sandeep 0 2914
Hessonite is a precious gemstone primarily found in India, Sri Lanka, East Africa, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and Tanzania. As per Indian astrological and..
30 Jun Kashmir-Burma Blue Sapphire
jain sandeep 0 3386
Remotely hidden in the lap of the spectacular snow-capped Himalayas is the highest sapphire mine in the world.  However it’s not the location that has..
30 May Identification Of Blue Sapphire
jain sandeep 0 975
How to Identify a Real Blue Sapphire Gems:-A real Blue Sapphire gemstones is one of the hardest known minerals. It can’t be scratched easily-It won’t ..
30 Apr Wearing Yellow Sapphire
jain sandeep 0 761
We can guide you about the proper yellow sapphire stone to buy, because every wearer has a unique range of symptoms and illnesses.It should be worn on..
30 Mar Identification Of Yellow Sapphire
jain sandeep 0 745
– A real Yellow Sapphire Gems is one of the hardest known minerals. It can’t be scratched, even by steel and can be scraped only by diamond-It won’t s..
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